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Modern window and door systems have updated gasket systems, newer locking mechanisms, and better insulating glass. Some homeowners will only entertain upgrading their windows when there is a problem. If the old windows are falling out of the house, the costs of replacement will be higher, water penetration into the frame will guarantee rot and destruction within the opening. We also manufacture custom made replacement windows, which are usually a bit more expensive than builder grade products that are typically used in most new home construction. Call today for an estimate!!

We have a two-path approach for technical window quote/repair requests. Either, you provide us with initial site support to help us assist you with your problem and it's solution, or, we do it all.

Plan ‘A’: You provide initial site support in the form of; photos (inside and out) with measurements [as best as you can] of the needs you anticipate, a professional who is well versed in both areas will assess the issues, and provide you with insight and advice about which is best for your situation, to repair what is there, or outright replacement, along with the costs of the remedies we recommend. There’s no charge for this service!

Plan ‘B’: A professional makes an appointment to attend your home with scientific tools; an infrared camera to decipher leaks, a glass check meter to ensure correct glass configuration for replacement, a rot detector to determine the degree of rot that exists (if any), an on-site assessment of the problems seen and advise how or if the problems can be repaired, or if replacement is the best solution for your situation. A detailed report follows with recommended solutions for the challenges seen. The fee for this service is $135 plus tax.  

When calling for a repair or replacement, we ask that you have the following information (or as much as possible) handy to help us better help you:

* your name, address, phone number & email address.
* type of product you're calling about...window (casement, awning, slider, picture, etc.) or door (exterior, interior, door lights, hardware, colour, etc)....or let us make a suggestion!
* material you wish...wood, wood clad, or fibreglass, etc.
* measurements of the above item(s) & how you took those measurements (frame size, rough opening, etc).
* whether you would like dual pane or triple pane, a sealed unit replacement or a full frame.


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