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HISTORY - a "path" showing us the road to the future.

Preserve, rehabilitate and restore - protect irreplaceable heritage!'s as simple as 1-2-3...

  1. Preservation - the protection, maintenance and stabilization of the existing form, material and integrity of a historic place, or compon1ent while protecting its heritage value.
  2. Rehabilitation - the sensitive adaptation of a historic place, or component for a continuing or compatable use, while protecting its heritage value.
  3. Restoration - the revealing, recovering or representation of a historic place or component, as it appeared at a particular period in its history, as accurately as possible, while protecting its heritage value.

Perma Seal Windows & Doors Ltd. - working with all levels of historical resource management, a recognized historical contractor /consultant. We remanufacture historical sash, storms and provide full rehabilitation services. Historic consulting is available at nominal cost. For assessment, consultation, preservation, rehabilitation, restoration & re-manufacture of historic resources call Perma Seal Windows & Doors Ltd.


Our completions include:

The Arlington Building, The McLeod Building, The Shaw Building, St. Vital Oblates Maison, St. Joseph's Basilica, Beth Shalom Synagogue, Lac La Biche Historical Mission, St. Joseph Catheral, and many more including various projects for John Bosco Foundation, Government of Canada, City of Edmonton 


Don't throw away antique historic treasures...bring them to us!

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