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Whether you are renovating, remodeling, building new or just replacing worn out, broken or damaged units, we guarantee your satisfaction.
A bay or bow window added to your existing home is an investment in your home’s future. Along with providing very practical living space, it adds a touch of class and never goes out of style. Don’t stop there. Upgrade the rest of the windows in your home and make your home improvement investment complete.



Perma Seal personnel are specialists in the renovation, and replacement of existing windows and doors in older homes for energy-efficiency and attractive appearance.
Our extensive selection of wood species will suit the needs of any new or remodeling project to allow the finished product to blend with the existing look.

What To Look For When Renovating Your Windows
To be sure you’re getting true value, use this checklist when comparing windows.

*Narrow slim-line frames that blend with any architecture
*Clean and stylish appearance with choices
*Custom sizes and designs available
*Energy Efficiency

Built to higher insulation values with superior manufacturing technology
*Designed to reduce heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer
*Helps to screen out damaging UV rays
*Wind and water-proof
*Dependable Construction
*Subjected to rigid inspection and quality control
*Strong frames and sashes that won’t rot, shrink or swell

*​​​​​​​Smooth and consistent operation
*Windows coordinated to exterior products
*Dual solar reducing or triple glazing
*Vitually Maintenance-Free
​​​​​​​*Requires no scraping, painting or puttying

​​​​​​​*Manufactured by an experienced company
*Proven in a variety of applications
*Manufacturer committed to the industry
*Installation backed by local service and support
*Quality assured

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