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Trouble shooting Some Common Questions You May Have -

Are those windows all steamed up, what now?

"Too much humidity and the lack of air flow are the biggest culprits. Warm moist air inside the home will condense on the first cold surface available. Matching the setting on the humidistat to the recommended settings should improve the view. Air must get to the glass; couches, blinds, or drapes blocking air from flowing to the window may result in condensation and ice problems. A two speed fan on the furnace will keep air circulating continuously in the winter which helps minimize this problem."

Brrr, there'e too much cold air and draft, how can I stop this?

"Windows that do not close properly, weather-stripping worn out and not making contact or non-efficient windows may be the problem. If the home has been settled, or a lack of insulation in the frame or poor-outdated insulating glass, cold air will find its way in and around. Change the weather strip, upgrade the glass or replace the window, you’ll be warmer."

My windows don't open, can that be fixed?

"Reefing on the crank mechanism will add up to more expense for you. If the window does not open, the major causes are broken hardware, a sagging sash or a closed multipoint lock. Over time, the operating part of the window (the sash) may sag. If the sash drags on the frame it will prevent or impede operation. Broken gear can be replaced and the sash can be re-squared; both usually are minor repair items. Most new windows have a multi point locking mechanism, failure to unlock this will guarantee hardware failure."

My windows are falling apart, should I replace or repair?

"If you open the window and it falls apart it's time to replace it. Missing paint or stain finishes on wood windows and doors or missing sealants (caulking) contribute to this problem. Rotten wood can be replaced, mostly it is more cost effective to replace."

I can't find parts to replace the broken and missing ones, who will do the work?

"Broken mechanisms, cranks, missing screens, parts gone missing, all are frustrating when you can’t find parts. We stock many parts for all types of windows and can come right to your home to replace them. A service charge will apply when we mobilize our team to your home."

Should I buy a complete window, all that is wrong is a broken crank mechanism?

"It depends on exactly what is wrong, generally replacement parts are available, sometimes if there are a number of issues with the same window or if it is old, uncooperative and inefficient, perhaps it is the time to replace it."

Should I get rid of those old sliding wood sashes?

"Old sliding wood sash windows are treasures, don't throw them away as they may have some historical significance. Bring them in and we will give you some ideas you can use to ensure a few of these lovely old windows remain around for our children to see.

What should I do if my windows are dirty or cloudy and I can't clean them?

"Generally this means the seal has failed and the insulating unit is no longer doing it's job of insulating. In most cases failed sealed units can be replaced without changing the entire frame. If the window is rotten it should be replaced unless it is a historical application, then repair is the way to go."

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